Tax Deadlines for Individuals

Individuals other than the self-employed or company director are required to file a tax return* (Form 11) if they have non-PAYE income and/or profited from share options or share incentives. Some examples of non-PAYE income are rental income, investment income, foreign income, maintenance payments and fees that are exempt from PAYE. The deadline regarding non-PAYE … Read moreTax Deadlines for Individuals

Tax Deadlines for Self-Employed & Company Directors

Fortunately, there is one deadline for the self-employed and company directors*: 31 October, or mid-November By this date, you are required to: Calculate and pay preliminary tax for income tax (IT), PRSI and USC for the current tax year. There are three methods to calculate the preliminary tax as shown below. The method chosen can … Read moreTax Deadlines for Self-Employed & Company Directors

Tax Filing Deadlines for Small Irish Companies

This information is for small Irish companies which is defined as having not more than €200k corporation tax (CT) liability for an accounting period. There are two deadlines: Calculate and pay preliminary tax* electronically by the 23rd of the month preceding year-end of the relevant accounting period. Complete and file electronically a CT tax (CT1 … Read moreTax Filing Deadlines for Small Irish Companies

Financial Statements in iXBRL

For accounting periods ended on, or after, 31 December 2013, customers filing Corporation Tax (CT) returns must submit financial statements through Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language (iXBRL). Companies who meet all three of the below conditions do not have to file, but may choose to do so if their: Total assets, without deduction of liabilities, … Read moreFinancial Statements in iXBRL