Bookkeeping Services

Every accountant can keep a set of books. We do not just do that. What differentiates us from other service providers is that we help you to understand how your business is doing strategically and operationally. We provide you with monthly dashboards. We meet up with you or call you monthly to discuss how your numbers relate to your business plan and strategy. We help you to understand the information so that you can make better decisions.   

Choose the package that best suits your needs



For new start-ups and/or businesses with few transactions

Free basic accounting software or Excel template to keep your books

One-hour training on how to use it

2 hours of phone or email support after the training

DIY Support

from €50 monthly

For businesses who want to minimise accounting costs but appreciate having a qualified accountant to look over their work and/or for questions

You keep your books. We check them every month and provide you with comments on them

Basic Books

from €50 monthly

For businesses that have limited resources to keep their own books and/or prefer the expertise of an accountant to manage the books

We keep your books using your accounting software or ours

You receive a monthly profit and loss and balance sheet

Books Plus

from €100 monthly

Get your own bookkeeper and financial controller

All features in Premium package and

We meet and talk about your business for an hour every month. It is like having your own financial controller

To sign up for a package

ContactThe actual fee depends on the amount of work that is required of us. If the total time spent on your books is two hours or less each month, the premium and comprehensive package should cost €50 and €100 respectively.

Let us know the average number of transactions your business has each month (number of sales, purchases and expenses). We will reply to you with a reasonable quote. Contact us if you have any questions.